Why Does Cable Exist in 2020?

Today dear readers I pose a question for you. Why does cable and satellite TV exist as of 2020? I recently saw a few videos and read articles about a company that I shall not name launching a new streaming TV service with a two year contract and a guaranteed doubling of price after the first twelve months.

The prices seem decent for the first year. If I remember correctly they were about $50 on the low end to about $80. Even $80 seems quite pricey for a streaming TV plan but it gets worse. After the first year the price jumps to between $93 and $135 per month. Makes you wonder why these providers are loosing customers like crazy, doesn’t it?

That is just one example. Many cable and TV providers are trying to milk a rock. The more customers leave, the more the prices rise and the more customers leave. This is a crazy race to the bottom for these providers. Many of these companies are extremely low In customer satisfaction. Can’t say as I blame the customers for leaving.

There are thankfully a number of options with more coming on the scene all the time. Many streaming services are actually pretty good and won’t break the bank. Antenna TV is still I viable option for most of the country and new providers are promising to disrupt the cable industry even more in the near future.

If you have any opinion on this topic, feel free to contact me. Topics you would like me to cover would be welcome as well.