What Is Ting and Why You Should Use Them

Ting is a network wholesaler that resells service on three of the four major US networks. The only network they don't partner with is AT&T. They offer great customer service, no contracts, and amazing coverage. Pretty bold claims, right? Let's take those claims one at a time.

Customer Service

I don't know about you, but i hate calling customer service. They are usually slow to answer, hard to understand, bounce you from department to department, adhere to a script even after you tell them what you've tried, etc. Not Ting. The longest i have ever had to wait for help was 5 minutes. That is extremely uncommon. I have called and gotten a person within 10 seconds of hitting the dial button as well. The agents are helpful, easy to understand, knoledgeable, and I have never had to be transfered (unless I asked).

No Contracts Ever

Most companies have eliminated the two year “contract”. It has been replaced by a “service agreement” or other such nonsense. Different name, same result. Ting doesn't do business that way. You pay for your phone in full (more on that later) or bring your own device. You then pay for only the service each month. Since you are not financing the phone from them, you may leave at any time. No more early termination fees or surprise bills when switching.

Coverage, Coverage, Coverage

Coverage and price is what most people care about with their cell service. Since Ting uses three of the four major networks they have coverage most everywhere. I think they suggest the network that has the best coverage during signup based on your address. If you wish to change networks in the future just give customer service a call.

The Price Is Right

Ting doesn't have plans like most people are used to. They have adopted a “pay for what you use” model. This means that most people save big money. Your bill changes from month to month based on your usage. You can set limits on minutes, texting, and data to control what you will pay at maximum. You want to spend no more than $40? That's possible. Here are my bills from June 2019 until February 2020. They were $26.30, $26.18, $32.24, $40.24, $25.23, $33.38, $26.17, $39.23, and $41.70. These numbers are for 3 lines for my grandmother, fiance and I. Comparing those prices to Metro by T-Mobole my bill would be $100 and would not include hotspot. Visible from Verizon would be $90 and require each of us to pay our bill separately. Grab a few of your old bills and head over to the Ting rate calculator and see what your bill would be.

Buying Devices

You can buy devices from the Ting Shop, buy an unlocked device from the manufacturer or from the internet, or bring your own. You generally have to pay full price for the device in question. My personal opinion is that most people wouldn't spend a stack on a phone if they upgraded every year and maybe never. You can find new low cost phones like the Pixel 3a that work just as well as more expensive devices. If you already have an unlocked device then you are one step ahead.

From Personal Experience

I have been with Ting since May of 2015. In that time I have rescued my grandmother from overpaying with AT&T, spoken with customer service on a number of occasions, and generally enjoyed the service. If you wish to switch, try out my link and get a $25 bill credit.