Thoughts on the New T-Mobile

So, if you live in the US and haven't been under a rock for the past two years. You may have read that T-Mobile — the nations third largest carrier — has been involved in a merger with Sprint. The FCC and DOJ approved the merger on the condition that they help Dish Network — satellite TV provider — become the new fourth carrier. Unfortunately the merger became very political with one party fighting against it on the grounds that consumers would be forced to pay more for less competition.

Merger goes to court

A group of states decided to challenge the governments ruling and take the case before a federal judge. However, when the trial occured in late december the group of states were extremely ill-prepared to defend their position. Just recently the judge ruled that the merger could continue.

final thoughts.

Whether you were for or against this merger, you have to admit. The only thing the states accomplished was wasting time and taxpayer dollars.